When we find ourselves derailed by life there are no blue prints to take us from point A to point B, from one job to another, from divorce to a relationship, from wanting to receiving. As a life coach who specializes in transitions I can help you move forward with clarity and focus. As an intuitive counselor I am able to give you tools, strategies and support to help you quickly achieve your goals.

We start with understanding where you are and what matters to you.  Even when someone doesn’t know what they want  they are clear as to what is not working. We will tap into that information to start moving you toward a life that works.

Change and transitions look a lot like driving at night you may only see a short distance ahead but you can still get the whole way home.

Together we identify your challenges, strengths and desires and build a step-by-step plan to get you where you want to go.

I have been a Life Coach for over 10 years and I am a certified School counselor with a Masters in Counseling and Development. I have work with age ranges from children to senior citizens.  I work one-on-one, adapting each session to maximize results and meet your individual needs.

You can learn more about me and how I approach my life and work by reading my column, Quirk and Circumstances at http://quirkandcircumstances.com/.

Contact me at trueroadtraveler@gmail.com

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