I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Kyra over the past two years and feel very grateful to have been introduced to her by our common friend. Kyra played an integral part in my most recent job search. I was in a position that was not fulfilling my career objectives and Kyra gave me tools that I needed to stay centered and open while I looked for a new position. Kyra helped me define my core values, the things I needed to be present in my job to make me enjoy, and feel good about my work. As I began to evaluate different roles, I used my core values as a guide to help me make the most informed decision possible. I ultimately found a new position that is giving me the growth and stimulation I have been looking for. Kyra’s deep experience and knowledge of counseling, coupled with her strong intuition and guidance helped me make a smooth and successful transition to a new career. – Ali D’

Kyra has provided me with many useful tools that I use daily in all aspects of my life. When I look back to almost a year ago when I first started working with her, I see a huge difference: I am more focused than I ever have been and I see now how one choice has unravels to the next. This is not by coincidence, but because I make them happen with purpose. I leave each session feeling lighter with increased confidence. I am truly grateful for her coaching! – Jenna B.

Kyra is amazing. Her intuitive skills are laser sharp and she has this uncanny ability to know what you want and need before you do. Because she can get to the heart of the matter quickly you don’t waste a lot of time (or money) as she figures things out. She has helped me to not only make a move from a small town to a new city, but to also pursue my dream of being an artist. I don’t know where I’d be without Kyra’s help, but I do know I wouldn’t be selling my art in galleries. —Marsue

Kyra has a unique way of getting you to show up for yourself. In showing up, you make a statement you are seeking and ready to make changes in your life. She doesn’t do your homework or give you the answers. Simply, she uses her plush bag of skills to gently guide you, all the while creating a strategy to keep you moving forward. Kyra helped me understand then face a few emotional and spiritual blocks. I felt fully supported, never feeling alone, and came out the other side empowered! My work with Kyra has culminated in a feeling of coming back to my Soul’s truth. In that truth I have found my authentic path to serve others. She helped me create a lifestyle, a spiritual path, which connects me with my inner being. If you want to work your inner self on any level, she will quickly get you there. ~ J. Cook

“Kyra has a knack for asking the right questions. Working with her, I’ve been able to uncover some of the things that had been holding me back in my career and in my relationships. Being able to see these things clearly has empowered me to create and implement my own solutions and I’m seeing the payoff now!” – Tracey

Kyra helped me with my resume and within 8 days I not only had an interview, I got the job. —John T.

Having Kyra in my life is such a gift- sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone who has no investment other than your happiness has really helped me in some thoughtful moments over the last year. Kyra is open and accessible, both in person and over the phone. Taking the personal time out to improve yourself is a gift you can give to the ones you love! -Lynn

Kyra is very attuned to what you need. Her sharp intuition zones in on the best areas in my life for me to improve, and her seemingly bottomless bag of tools has helped me navigate life so that I get to where I need to go. The work we have done has helped me learn so much about who I am and what I want from life. Her talent is incredible. I think back to how I was before I started working with her and I am surprised by how different my thinking has become. She has been so helpful in getting me to value myself more, which I thought would be close to impossible to achieve.
I am very grateful for all the amazing work she does.
– Halan

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  1. I met Kyra during a transitional phase in my life. I knew I needed something new, I just wasn’t sure where my next career path lay. As I explored my options, Kyra helped me prepare for an academic job interview at a prestigious university; a process that included a range of activities from search committee interviews to a classroom teaching presentation. Her focused, centered energy was contagious and I went into my interview feeling confident in my skills and clear in my vision. As a result, I was offered the job!

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