Coaching / Counseling

Below are some of some of my coaching and counseling services.

Intuitive Counseling/Coaching  We all get stuck and sometimes there is no clear path or choice to move toward something that brings meaning, purpose and passion to our lives. I help you through both therapeutic and intuitive counseling techniques to find your way, empower you and build a life that feeds your soul.

Transition Coaching  Whether it be a transition in a job, marriage/divorce or you are standing at a cross roads in your life, the transition from point A to point B can be difficult, painful and full of doubt as to what to do next. Together we identify your challenges, strengths and desires and build a step-by-step plan to get you where you want to go.

Walk ‘N’ Talk  We will literally walk while we talk. Moving physically sometimes allows you to move in others areas of your life.

Interview/Job Coaching  Writing a resume from scratch can be daunting. Updating the one you’ve been tweaking for years can lead to oversights. And for most of us it is really difficult figuring out how to present ourselves in the best light. I will help you fine tune your resume so that it reflects your strengths and helps you shine. We will also do practice interviews, preparing you  to be  comfortable, confident and articulate in any interview situation.
Readings  I am a psychic medium which means I work with spirit. I work in the realms of light and love and only give information for my client’s highest good. For more information about readings and how I work please send me an email!

Phone Sessions Available.

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