Coaching Together

We will explore and Co-create in a Coaching Partnership where you become the active agent of change in your life. As your coach, I will help you gain clarity about where you are today. Together we will explore what’s in the middle, clarify your choices and discover what’s possible for you.

We will identify your strengths as well as your values which will allow you to make better choices.  Finding your own truths along the way leads to empowerment, resilience and a sense of purpose. You will experience change and learn how to design the authentic and abundant life you want to live.

Our Tools

Trust and Confidentiality
Curiosity and Action
Listening and Reflecting
Accountability and Acknowledgment
Clarity * Choice * Change

My Role

I will:

Reflect the creative, resourceful and whole you.
Ask questions, listen and empower rather than instruct and advise.
Celebrate how far you have come in your life.
Invite you to explore and stand in different perspectives.
Assist you in overcoming limiting beliefs.

As a revolutionary thinker, teacher and creator I weave stories that teach new ways of seeing the world, seeing life and seeing each other. I create tools to help humans be better at living whole, balanced and joyful lives. I reflect back a new reality so people can see themselves thriving in that reality and in turn then co-create it.

Phone and Zoom Sessions Available.

To Book a Free Sample Session Contact me at

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